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The Großglockner Alpine Road adventure realm

The Großglockner Alpine road at the foot of the highest mountain in Austria is the loveliest panoramic road in Europe – maybe even in the world. Over 48 kilometres you proceed through the heart of the Hohe Tauern National Park, up to 2571 metres altitude. The destination and absolute highlight of a pleasurable journey across the Alps is the visitors centre, Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe, high above the Pasterze Glacier, the longest glacier in the East Alps.

More than 60 million people from across the globe have visited the Großglockner Alpine road in the last 80 years – it is a gigantic structure, which proceeds across the Alps in 36 hairpin bends. Rushing waterfalls, extensive views and snow fields in the height of summer make a trip to the Großglockner Alpine road an unforgettable experience. It proceeds up into the high alpine regions, which are generally only scaled on foot by experienced Alpinists. Encounters with animals which you would normally only see in a zoo are particularly impressive - marmots, ibex and golden eagles can be seen in their natural habitat here.

High alpine primeval landscape

Among the highlights of a trip is the ten kilometre panoramic section of the road which is over 2400 metres altitude – you get to encounter the Großglockner and its glacier fields almost at eye level. You can even hike on the Pasterze on the secured routes – this primeval landscape looks magical with its eternal ice and glacier mouth. Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe has a variety of offers for visitors over four floors, including exhibitions and a cinema. Not far from it, in the Wilhelm Swarovski Observatory there is state-of-the-art optical equipment available, which you can use to take a look at the mountaineers and the animals in their wild habitats.

Snowball fight in the summer

There is also no shortage of fun to enjoy on the Großglockner Alpine road - in Haus Alpine nature show there is a fun ‘Murmi Show’, while along the road numerous exhibits, themed trails and play areas tempt you to explore new things or just get out and about outdoors in a superb natural setting and enjoy the views to the thirty three-thousand metre mountains. Enjoy sliding on the snow or enjoy a snowball fight in the summer – unforgettable holiday fun. At 2571 metres, the Edelweiß summit is not just the highest point of the Großglockner Alpine road, it is also the highest point in Austria and is accessible by car.