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Großglockner Alpine road

The Großglockner Alpine road is the loveliest panoramic road in the world. Just one hundred kilometres from the Mozart city of Salzburg, it proceeds up to 2571 metres altitude and up to the foot of the highest mountain in Austria.

What a lovely notion – up into the middle of the mountains in the comfort of your car and then across the Alps. The heritage-protected Großglockner Alpine road – the loveliest panoramic road in the world – makes this possible. Spanning 48 kilometres in length, you cross the Alps in the heart of Austria and get to enjoy superb views to the impressive three-thousand metre mountains. The highlight of an individual excursion is Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe (2369m), at the foot of the Großglockner (3798 m), the highest mountain in Austria. Here visitors get to enjoy a fantastic view to the eight kilometre long Pasterze – the longest glacier in the East Alps, which Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Sisi also gazed in wonder at 160 years ago.

The Großglockner Alpine road was opened in 1935 and is a genuine masterpiece in alpine road building - the alpine adventure-filled realm of the Großglockner Alpine road today incorporates free exhibits, themed trails, play areas, Alpine inns and mountain restaurants along the road. Visitors get to experience the Alpine mountain landscape in safety, on lovely hikes and easy strolls, a landscape which in most instances remained the preserve of experienced Alpinists. The road is open from the start of May through to the end of October – and in summer too the snow fields are a reminder of the long winter in the mountains. Those of you who don’t want to drive can even make the journey on the state-of-the-art, comfortable Glockner Bus together with a National Park ranger.

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