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The 'water castle' of the Alps

Plummeting water, thundering mountain streams which channel their way through the rocks, and crystal clear mountain lakes too - all are natural spectacles which have a particularly strong appeal. The Hohe Tauern National Park with its 26 significant waterfalls, ten gorges, 551 lakes and 279 streams is a real 'water castle' in the Alps. With its three gradient levels over a total of 380m the Krimml Falls are the highest waterfalls in Europe. They are among the most valuable treasures in the Hohe Tauern National Park. The powerful natural spectacle of the waters plummeting down is an experience for all the senses – ear-splitting thundering, impressive masses of water, white spray. On kilometre upon kilometre of hiking trails along the waterfalls you get to observe this spectacle up close.

For body, spirit and soul

The sight of such natural power has a positive influence on your body and soul. Research confirms that it has a lung-cleansing effect and improves your respiratory volume, even just being close to waterfalls for a half an hour. The ion-rich air at the Krimml waterfalls is purported to have a very special effect. The ion-rich air at the Krimml waterfalls is said to alleviate and even heal respiratory problems. This health-promoting effect has been scientifically proven at Gartlfall near Großkirchheim in Carinthia. In Carinthian Maltatal for instance, next to the 200 m Fallbach, the highest free-falling waterfall in Austria, there are even a few more cataracts which plunge into the valley via the impressive granite cliffs. In Obere Mölltal, at the foot of the Großglockner, the 130m Jungfernsprung and the thundering Gößnitzfall characterise the landscape. This elevated path through the Ragga gorge in Mölltal is among the most impressive gorge paths in the entire Alps.

Inspiring water realms

Another impressive water realm is located at the Umbal Falls at the end of East Tyrol's Virgental in the district of Prägraten am Großvenediger, where on a spectacular hike along the natural energy trail at the Umbal Falls, the force of the water can be observed. Paths and tunnels make it possible for hikers and walkers to tackle the gorge. The intoxicating view, the healing climate, the mysterious ambience and the evidence of pure natural power – the water realms in the National Park are definitely an attraction and a rewarding excursion destination. 

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