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The secret of the wild water

18.06.2018 - 11.09.2018

Hohe Tauern holiday region Carinthia

Explore the mysterious power of the natural surroundings for 8 days - our waterfall and gorge routes also provide a safe and adventure-filled route to the hidden paradises in the National Park.

  • 7 x nights with HB in a National Park partner business
  • Tour map with adventure-filled routes to the loveliest waterfalls in the National Park
  • Portable relaxation lounger mat to bring with you, so you can relax and unwind at the Wild Waters in the National Park
  • National Park 'Kärnten Card'
  • Optional: Scientifically certified evaluation of stress levels and relaxation before and after your holiday
  • Optional: Best of the day programme: "Magical Moments"

Package - The secret of the wild water
Price per person from 464 €